Research Request Form

Can't visit the Wildwood Historical Society? Let us search our records for you!​ Research includes all general research questions about a property, a person, a family, a business, an event, a boardwalk amusement, etc. All research is a flat $29.99 donation via our online store.  It can take hours for our volunteers to  do this research, so we hope you will generously donate to our cause in return. It's truly a bargain, since charges over $100 per HOUR! Compared to that, our research is quite affordable.


If you are searching for land records, titles, deeds or property transfers, we are not the people to ask. You will want to visit the Cape May County Clerk's Office here.

(Photo files are $10 per photo. Click here to order a photo of a specific property.)


Research will take place during our open hours, which are listed at the bottom of our website. It will take longer for us to respond to requests sent during the fall/winter/spring. Note: this page only works in a computer browser.

Records we can search (please check any of particular interest):

Hitting "submit" will take you to the online store listing where you will make the research donation. Thank you for supporting the Wildwood Historical Society!