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Those three magic words: Remember that Summer?

School's out, and we leave the city to spend the summer in Wildwood. It was the most wonderful time of myyouth.

Step into the sun-soaked world of Wildwood, as the swinging seventies set the stage for a wild ride of nostalgia, freedom, and unforgettable moments. Embark on a journey to a time when the neon lights glowed, the music was great, and the spirit of adventure was palpable.

Wildwood in the 1970s was a mecca for thrill-seekers, beach bums, and tourists from everywhere. Join me on my joumey of discovery as I navigate the incredible boardwalk, bustling amusement rides, and vibrant night life that defined this iconic seaside community.

From the rollercoasters that dared me to let go of my fears, to days spent on the beach, every day brought a new opportunity for excitement and romance.

Feel the energy pulsating through the pages as the rhythm of disco, and rock 'n roll become the soundtrack of an era. Experience the allure of the seashore, where tan lines told stories of carefree days spent soaking up the sun, to nights on the boardwalk and in the clubs on the strip. Every day held the promise of endless possibilities. Within the vibrant tapestry of Wildwood's colorful characters, discover the magic of young love, friendship, and self-


You'll be transported to a bygone era that captures the essence of Wildwood in the 705, immersing you in the sights, sounds, and emotions of a time when life was lived with unbridled passion. Whether you experienced it firsthand or simply wish you had, prepare to be swept away on a nostalgic journey that will make you long for the days when the spirit of wildwood was at its peak.

Down the Shore: Stories from my Summers in Wildwood by Charles Wiedenmann