With the completion of the Garden State Parkway and a prospering society’s increased mobility in the years following World War II, the Wildwoods transitioned from a remote barrier island along the southern New Jersey coast to a vacation Mecca. Featuring free baiting beaches, state of the art motels, endless nightlife, and a honky-tonk boardwalk lined with entertainment options of all kinds, the resort would thrive for the better part of the next half century. During that golden era, Hunts Pier became the talk of the walk: a fun lovers paradise of themed custom attractions that evokes the adventurous thrills of Disneyland. The “oceanic wonderland “helped millions of vacationers create countless memories, whether it was a child challenging the flyer roller coaster’s intimidating plunge or a child at heart exploring the dark caverns of the golden nugget. Hunt’s Pier captures the magic of the famed seaside amusement parks through historical photographs, many published here for the first time. 128 pages, paperback, 2011. 

Images of America: Hunt’s Pier by Rob Ascough and Al Alven

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