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The Wildwoods are four boroughs on a South Jersey barrier island first settled in the late 1800s. Once known as Five Mile Beach, the wind-whipped forest and beaches transformed from fishing town to summer resort. Developers divided the ground into lots, hired architects to draw houses, and construction companies to build them. This all happened during an architectural transition period at the turn of the century, resulting in a diverse range of styles, from Victorian to Craftsman and Gothic to Colonial, many of which were as grand as those in Cape May. Although Wildwood's Victorian architecture was called noteworthy by architects, many homes were not appreciated or protected. Instead of being restored or renovated, they became run-down and were knocked down. But luckily, not all was lost. There are homeowners and developers who see potential in the Wildwoods' history and character. They accept the challenges of preservation, knowing the benefits it brings the community. These people are saving what makes the Wildwoods worth living in.

Signed copy of “Wildwoods Houses Through Time” by Taylor Henry

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